Little CRM

You don’t need to spy on someone to make a sale

Simply put, there isn’t a good CRM out there for small, independent shops.

Traditional CRMs are designed to be transactional: focused on closing deals or selling a single product. But that’s not how people support indie creators: memberships, subscriptions, flash sales, commissions, pay-what-you-want sales; your fans use a mix of all of these to show their support.

Influencers, promotions, and giveaways are deferred to The Marketing Department; which is… checks notes… also you! And on top of that, most marketing tools are overloaded with graphs and reports, distracting you from the most important questions for any marketing:

And on top of all of that, privacy in CRMs is a joke. They straight-up don’t respect your data, let alone your customers’. If they aren’t requiring you to fill out entire contact cards for a mutual; they’re asking for full-blown access to your email, calendar, social media, and even your got-dang texts.

Your customers’ info is:

Little CRM is being built with the knowledge of 5+ years of customer-focused sales, side project marketing, and a firm belief that software doesn’t need to grab every little bit of personal information to be useful.

It's a SaaS that will help you:

I’ll be sharing more details in my developer emails, which you can sign up for here!

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